Welcome To TABOT


Collaborative robots, or Cobots, are robots intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in closed proximity.They are more consistent and accurate than humans. Unlike traditional robots, cobots and human can work on the same part or the machine at the same time, when both are in motion


Why Cobots ?

Increase in Efficiency Fast Payback
Collaborative & Safe Easy Programming
Fast Set Up Increase in Profitability
Reduction in Labour Cost Flexible Deployment

What We Do


Design & Consultancy

TABOT provides custom automation designing solutions for all manufacturing industries


Robot Programming

TABOT provides programming services for cobots to work for the necessary application along with integration of other elements


PLC Programming

TABOT provides PLC programming services of various brands for all types of applications


Installation & Commissioning

TABOT has a team of highly skilled & experienced engineers capable of providing installation & commissioning services for all sorts of industrial robots



TABOT provides virtual simulations of real production systems in order to reduce time and cost for physical testing and proofing



TABOT provides training for using and troubleshooting collaborative robots